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Everyone can write for our think tank. Whether you are a student, a professional or simply interested in those subjects, you can write for us. You can suggest your subjects in the Write for GROW area.

A form is available in the Becoming member area.

To become a  GROW permanent member, you have to be a student, whatever your study area, everyone can have something to give to the team. It is not necessary to have an associative experience, in GROW we advance and evolve together.

Yes, of course. What matters is to be enrolled in a higher education institution, no specific category of study is required, we think that each one can have something to bring to GROW, and that the more categories are represented, the fairer we can be in our works.

As you can see in Our Team the think tank is divided in different departments. At the head of each department there is a director and people in charge. Each permanent member is thus part of one or more departments. Tasks are given to each department and distributed among the different people in charge. The Board, composed of the presidents, the general secretaries and of the finance director, makes sure of the proper functioning of the association’s internal operations and of all the paperwork. The editorial committee makes sure that the publications are regular, respect GROW’s values and that a maximum of subjects are written about.

GROW lives only on donations from private individuals or companies. It means that people are giving money to us without compensation, because they want to support our work. If that interests you, you can go on the Donation area  of our website. For transparency reasons, all of our donors, who accepted, appear in our Special Thanks area. Some companies accept as well to sponsor us,  that is that we offer them an appearance, in exchange of a grant. It can be exposing their logos during events, writing articles in partnership, mentioning them on our social media etc.  However, in no cases, we will let us be censored for this money and we won’t solicit companies who do not share our values and positions. Our department of treasury  ensures it. We want to stay independent and free in what we write, this is why it is always specified in our contracts that the sponsors can’t impose any editorial policy or forbid  us to talk about certain subjects. If you are a company and would like to work with us, you can enter in contact with our department of treasury by email at Finally, we propose interventions in companies in order to present our work, inform and sensibilize on human rights and explain how we can act at our own level. If you are interested, you can as well contact us by email at