Who are we?

GROW is a think tank that aspires to defend human rights worldwide. We reflect upon human rights related issues and give ourselves the mission of spreading knowledge about them. We produce studies, reports, we write articles through which we submit proposals. For these purposes, we interact with a broad, diverse public, such as the civil society, elected representatives, social partners, both national and international, governmental and non-governmental organizations, the business world, the research community, the cultural sector, and public administration.

Our values

GROW embodies the will of a generation which is concerned about building a fairer, more egalitarian, humane world by standing with those who are unable to make their voices heard. It is important for us that the association stay independent. We do not receive instructions, recommendations or guidance from anyone, allowing us to remain unbiased and objective regarding the issues that we deal with.

Our means of action

In order to stand up for our ideals, we dispose of a wide range of means to take actions. Among other things, the members of the association publish articles and reports, arrange meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops and collaborate with both French and foreign similar organisations. To promote human rights, we also use our various platforms, namely our website, social networks and newsletter.

Our goals

We are hopeful that one day, regardless of our place of birth, our parents’ status, our gender, our skin colour or religion, we will be able to believe in our dreams and make them come true. Via GROW, we intend to inform as many people as possible about the topics that are often disregarded and/or silenced by the media and political figures, to raise public awareness and to propose solutions through our reports. We believe that together a better future is possible.

Why create a think tank as students?

Young people are underrepresented in discourses and decision-making processes related to human rights. Yet, we are convinced that our perspective and opinions are essentials and can provide added value to the public debate. In addition, today’s students are the actors of tomorrow’s world, and it is upon their decisions that will depend the future of human rights. Therefore, our duty is to promote them and alert the largest number of people to these questions whatever the generation.

A message from the founding Presidents

Independent student think tanks are rare. They are very often developed within educational establishments and do not go beyond this level. Starting from this, we wanted to create a project of our own, related to a subject that is of great concern to us. We started being friends during our student days at ESPOL and rapidly realised that we had the point of wanting to specialise in the defence of human rights in common. Quite naturally, our project was built on this subject. We do not claim that the two of us can change the world, but the idea is to raise awareness about human rights at our level. We would like to be part of a collective enlightenment that can only boost the development of these rights. It is with this in mind, that the most suitable form for a joint reflection, for writing on these issues and for sharing our work seemed to be a think tank.