The GROW team is constantly evolving and is looking to increase its  number of members. Here, you will find our specific needs. If there are no available ads, or if none of the offers seem to be what you are looking for, we are continually studying speculative applications.

In addition, after almost three years of activity, the team is looking to renew itself, and that means renewing its management team. Positions of responsibility include the members of the Bureau (Presidency, General Secretariat) and the heads of the departments. If you are interested in one of these roles, contact us directly at with the name of the role in question, and in attachments: a CV, a cover letter and a sample of editors (1-2 pages is enough, on a subject on which you have written and which does not necessarily need to be related to human rights, in French or in English). Feel free to also prepare some content/project ideas that you would like to develop as a member of the team.