From your computer, smartphone, or tablet, from wherever you are in the world, you can directly act upon Human Rights and become a member of the GROW team. 

As of today, Human Rights are still baffled in many countries. As the famous Asa Philip Randolph declared “Freedom is never granted: It is won. Justice is never given: It is exacted.

Therefore, claim freedom, equality, and recognition of human rights at the international scale. By supporting us in the long run, you will be able, each month, to sensitize, inform, and fight violations of human rights. 

Be a part of the GROW team. 

Dignity, Humanity, and Diversity, or the principles founding our community. 

Our organisation is before all centered around transparency and communication. We guarantee precision around our statistics. Once a year, you’ll receive a newsletter that will recall the achievements of the past year, so you can be aware of the progress made due to your contribution to our team. Together we will work, each day, each year, to help make changes in the Human Rights field. 

You can modify the amount of your donations anytime or totally suspend your support to the organisation if your situation evolves.


Because there’s not a single way to help us or to become an important and engaged partner, GROW is offering many options for you to act within our group. 

  • Support GROW financially and have a direct impact on our projects, our actions and on the promotion of Human Rights.
  • Put at our disposal your services or products by engaging your skills or those of your business in order to develop partnered projects with our team.
  • Propose preferential rates on certain services or even gratuity of products and services that could benefit the achievement of our projects.
  • Directly reserve a percentage of the sales profits of a product or service that is in accordance with our goals or values.
  • Share our news and information on social networks. By doing so, you are offering us larger visibility and are inviting many more people to join our fight for the defense and respect of human rights in the world.


Donations benefiting to associations open the path for income tax reductions from 66% to 75% of the amount paid, following the chosen association, in the limits of 20% of the taxable income. For example, a 50 euros donations open the path to an income tax reduction of 33 euros. 

Furthermore, you can benefit from a tax reduction of 60% of the amount of the valuation of the service or material, in the limit of 0.5% of the turnover (total and without tax) of the business or individual donating. (Article 238 bis of the General Tax Code, Aillagon Law of August 1, 2003). 

Each year, at the time of your annual income tax return, you must indicate, in box 7 UF of declaration No. 2042 the RICI, the amount of the payments that you made to organizations of general interest or recognized public.

In the case of a gift in kind, the value of the gift is determined when it is delivered to the donee, who must check whether the donor’s assessment corresponds to the real value of the object in question.

And finally, by making such a donation, you become an actor in the development of a fairer world for everyone.

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