You are a student. You are appalled that human rights still continue to be violated, and that the law fails to protect every citizen. You believe that our institutions could do more to fulfill their duties. You believe in a brighter future.

If you want your actions to have an impact in the long run, join the team of Generation for Rights Over the World. GROW is a think tank that works to create awareness about respect and protection of human rights, in the aim of improving the living conditions of each and every woman and man across the globe.

By becoming a member of GROW you will be part of a team whose goal is to find lasting solutions. You will commit yourself for freedom, equity and justice. Once a member of this think tank, you will investigate, ponder, discuss, debate, write in order to inform, warn, alert and attempt to advance human rights worldwide.

More than just an associative implication, GROW is a real step forward into professional life, a project that will make you mature, get to know yourself better and learn from others. We are young and are wholeheartedly willing to change things together, with respect, mutual aid and benevolence. 

Join us!